Remodel or Rebuild? How to Decide If You Should Replace or Repair Your Garage

You’re looking at your garage undecided on whether or not it needs some work to be done or it’s time for change. The hard part is knowing when is the right time to merely repair your existing garage or invest in a new garage.

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To decide, you must assess whether or not the a new garage is worth the new investment or are the old parts repairable if they are failing.

If you want to increase your home value, it may be worth the investment for a new garage, as there are many new garage accessories available on the market.

Cosmetic or Foundation

While you’re assessing your garage, you are looking at it’s cosmetic features and trying to figure out if it just needs a few touches. Is the garage door out of date, discolored, or even bent?

Cosmetic repairs like these are usually easy to fix and won’t require a lot of capital. Many contractors who specialize in garages can also reface your current garage and create a whole new look.

The walls of the garage for instance, is another story. Have you noticed if there are any cracked or sagging walls, possibly standing water? Repairs are not the answer when it comes to foundation issues, as it’s a sign a new garage is in your future, especially if the foundation is just a flat concrete slab.

When a garage’s foundations are too weak, simply fixing is will not be the solution.

Roofing Problems

If you roof has minor inconveniences, it’s not a good reason to replace the entire garage. A contractor or roofer can simply install new shingles or fix leaks, even updating the current roof to be more modern.

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Roofs need regular maintenance, not an overhaul if it’s easily fixable and getting a new roof can be worthwhile. However, compare if the cost of a new roof to a new garage to find out if it is worth the investment.

Refacing your garage is an option if you realize you don’t have much structural or foundational problems. A contractor can help with replacement windows, entrance doors and garage doors. Hire a reliable contractor for advice if you aren’t sure if you need replacement or repairs.